The foundations primary objective is to initiate and coordinate dairy research projects within a forum comprising representatives from the Danish dairy industry as well as the world of researchers.

The projects contribute to establishing the framework for the research-based innovation that takes place within the dairies.

The objective to support dairy research also comprises strengthening the training and education of candidates, including dairy engineers and PhD candidates. We are convinced that a strong and dynamic dairy research environment will nurture effective candidate education and training programmes that – also in the future – will attract young people, thereby ensuring the recruitment basis of the industry.

MFF’s research is focused on three main themes:

  • Technology
  • Microbiology
  • Nutrition and Health

The funding of research projects is based on expressions of interest. Submitted proposals are evaluated based on their commercial relevance, research qualities, interaction between industrial partners and public research institutions, and management and organizational structure.

MFF consists of a Board of Directors and a Secretariat. The Board has 13 members whose most important task is to select the best projects among the received proposals.

The Secretariat assists the applicants and ensures efficient completion of the projects funded.