Large interest in the call from the Danish Dairy Research Foundation (DDRF)

  • 30 applications were received at the deadline for the DDRF call 17th of February 2016:

6 within the area of Technology

8 within the area of Food safety & Microbiology

14 within the area of Health & Nutrition

2 within the area of Food Aid


  • In total the 30 projects apply for 56 million of Danish kr. via MFF during the total project period.

  • MFF is able to give positive response to projects for a total of 10-12 million Danish kr.

  • The 30 projects have a total budget during the total project period of about 130 million Danish kr.


  • The applications will be discussed at the next meeting in the DDRF board 31st of Marts 2016. Applicants will be contacted in April 2016 about the decision.