All applicants who have submitted an “Expression of interest” to DDRF have now received their answer.

The following projects were all scientifically recommended by DDRF:

  • Formation, isolation, and functional characterization beta-casein fragments in milk (BETAFRAG)

    Project manager: Jan Trige Rasmussen, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University


  • Improvement of the quality and stability of UHT treated dairy products by enzymatic tailoring of the milk carbohydrate profile

    Project manager: Colin A. Ray, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen


  • InBrine: Influence of brine microbiota on flavour development and inhibition of spoilage moulds on Danish cheeses

    Project manager: Lene Jespersen, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen


  • Pushing the limits in cheese manufacture and ripening; minimising the risks through the use of bio-protective cultures.

    Project manager: Fergal P Rattray, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen


  • Optimization of favour formation in hard cheeses

    Project manager: Christian Solem, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark


  • UHT treatment and storage effects on the biological quality of liquid infant formulas

    Project manager: Dereck E. W. Chatterton, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen


  • I’m still standing - Prevention of frailty in 80+ year old community-dwelling citizens by means of milk-based protein.

    Project manager: Paolo Caserotti, Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, University of Southern Denmark


  • The effect of dairy protein quality on treatment of moderately malnourished children

    Project manager: Mark Manary, Washington University School of Medicine


    At the time of project start you will find more information about each of the projects at this home page.